Are the references to the civil rights movement valid?

John Lewis, the once president of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, friend and associate of Dr. King, and current congressman, says absolutely.

Jim Lawson, the man to train John Lewis and the other SNCC members, says absolutely.

Jesse Jackson, the president and founder of the RainbowPUSH Coalition, says abolutely.

Both Jackson and Lawson made references to immigration and slavery, so I’m done being careful about sharing my awareness of the similarities. Here’s Jackson’s quote:

“Our nation became addicted to slave labor, hating the enslaved and leaving great scars on our culture…. Now we have become addicted to immigrant labor, without an effective plan for citizenship. There are those that are resenting those whose cheap labor subsidizes their privileged lifestyles.”

And here’s Lawson’s:

“Justice, freedom, equality, and liberty, and the beloved community for immigrant workers in our nation is an issue… too long a part of plantation capitalism…”

The greatest living heroes of the civil rights movement are actively involved in the immigrants’ rights movement.

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