Well, I think the immigration law shouldn’t be like that because people from here, from the U.S. could go to Mexico without a problem, and come back without one. Well, I know it’s hard because one of my family members, Gama, is from Mexico, and I haven’t seen him like from two years ago. And I haven’t seen my uncle Gama like from two years ago. I remember when I was little, and all my family would get together and make a cook-out or something but now he can’t come here no more. Sometime, last year, when I went and visited him, and they told me he passed away. That’s why I should think they should be fair with the Mexican people.

I think you people from Congress should think about it because if you were to be in my shoes, I’m sure you would do everything to try to change the law. Like now, my mom’s friend, Rosa, went to Cd. Juarez to try to get her papers, but they didn’t give her permission to get them. And now, her sons are here by themselves, with their grandma. That’s why a lot of people are afraid to go out because of the law, that they want to send all people to Mexico, “where they belong.” I think it’s really unfair for people to come here because they can’t be able to do nothing because they know that if you’re from Mexico, they want to treat you bad. Because I live close to the border and I always see Border Patrol treating immigration people bad because they don’t have their papers and they are calling them like “mojados,” which means like “wetbacks.”

I think they should really change the law because I really miss some of my cousins. That’s why I took this time because of Mr. Moore told us that he was going to send these letters to Congress, and I think they could help us who have family over there.

-Antonio Quezada


This student gave me permission to post his letter on this website. I agreed to change the names of the people in the stories. -John Moore

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