Ms. G. had a relationship with Mr. A. and they had two children, Michelle and Mirna. Now the two little girls are 8 and 11 years old. They moved to Oklahoma.

They have lived in Oklahoma since they were born and the girls can’t see her dad, and just because her dad is in Matamaros and Matamoros is part of Mexico.

The girls always ask “Where is Dad?” It’s hard for Ms. Gonzales to tell the girls that her dad is in another country and just because the U.S. government doesn’t allowed Mexican people in the U.S. It’s hard to live without a father.

Sometimes we think that Mexicans should not lived here (in the United States) and at one point I had thought the same, but we don’t think about what other people are passing through, like the family that I mentioned, the girls suffer just thinking about “Were is my father?” I couldn’t live with out my dad.

Congress doesn’t want to approve the law of Mexicans coming to the United States. The government is really bad because they make Mexicans suffer. First they don’t let Mexicans into the United States, and second they don’t know what people are going through.

In some ways it is like the same problems that we had before 1954 that black people couldn’t be together with white.


It’s the same thing with the Mexican and U.S. citizens (Mexicans are black and U.S. citizens are white). I only hope that a Martin Luther King could stop the same kind of conflict. And I hope that the resolution could come soon.

For me, the U.S. Government could be my Martin Luther King.

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